Dolls, after a long hiatus.

(This is where I talk about my Asian ball-jointed dolls (ABJDs). There’s lots of jargon involved. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s easy to pick up! Den of Angels is the premier community for BJD news and info; I’m aihre there.)

These are the first photos (with Canon PowerShot G9) I’ve taken of my dolls for more than a year. I went on hiatus initially because I was getting frustrated with them, and because I just didn’t have the bandwidth to deal with yet another thing in my life. It’s been a long break, but I finally have enough headspace to devote some of my attention to them. Rediscovering the enjoyment of my dolls is such a delight.

First: the new one. These are my first photos of Falco Justinian.

And Syr, who gets more photogenic every time I look at her.

My dolly revival actually began with Justinian (Dollstown Mui): I’ve had for more than a year, but had done nothing with him. It began with finding the ideal eyes, and then a free face-up from newly-opened LyricalGRIT Aesthetics… and at last, my favourite boy sculpt is presentable to the world.

Gridbug did good work, but it’s not quite what I’d envisioned for Justinian’s personality. Nevertheless, it’s a good face and will do for now. And there’s more to be done yet: I’m still tossing up what his hair colour should be, and which eyes he should be wearing. But ah, it’s good to have him out and about now!

Syr (Crobidoll Lance girl hybrid) is still the same, perhaps getting more lovely and haunting every day. Every time I look at her my love for this sculpt grows a little bit more.

These photos were taken on an early Saturday morning. Early, a little overcast — perfect lighting for dolls. And at long last I’m living in a place that’s not poorly lit!

My photography has definitely improved since I started shooting dolls. This batch turned out well, but I’m already seeing problems everywhere. I still have to figure out how to arrange lighting better. Syr in particular gives me no end of difficulties: it has to be her very pale skin and very dark hair that makes colour balance difficult. My focus is still a little blurry and I’m not sure how to fix it; maybe manual focus or a macro lens will help. Post-processing remains a challenge all over, although I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

In any case, so stoked that I have photos and updates about my BJDs! Hopefully this is the first of many photoshoots to come.

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