Last night’s adventure.

I dreamt an adventure last night. I forgot most of it upon waking; let me try to remember.

As most of my dreams, I was not in it, but was “watching” it like a movie. Several adventurers were on a quest to find leaves of a certain plant/tree that bestowed healing or magical properties. They needed it to save something — a kingdom, or a queen, I don’t remember. It was a “it’s our only hope! you’re our only hope!” scenario. The leaves were found only in the possession of the gorilla king (or some sort of great ape), who lived across a span of water.

The adventurers set out from the green, verdant kingdom. Their transport was a great scaly grey-black dragon. The difficulty was, this dragon had a limited flight span, and once that time was over, it would land. I don’t recall if the dragon was alive, or a sophisticated machine, or something in between like a cyborg. It may have been mechanical, because it puffed smoke and oil, and needed to be “refuelled” somehow.

So the adventurers set off — and I think I (or the point of view) was following in a small propeller plane. Sometheing dream-weird like that. The dragon travelled, alternately flying and resting, and finally they started across the water towards the gorilla king’s fortress residence, which was in the middle of this watery expanse. There were a series of smaller keeps on the way to the gorilla king’s fortress, but the nearest one was just outside the dragon’s flight span. The journey from water’s edge to the first keep was fraught and anxious, and the dragon was all but falling out of the sky when they reached the keep, and they only just managed to land on it. This was definitely a scene of great suspense.

The adventurers still had to hide themselves and the dragon while it rested, and the keep was full of guardians. When night fell, they went out to spy and find out more about the gorilla king and where he kept those magical leaves. But as they were sneaking through the keep, one of the magical guardians appeared. It initially appeared as a carved part of a fresco — the walls of the keep were liberally decorated with frescoes and carvings. But as the adventurers snuck past, a carving of a panther or cougar came alive and came off the wall, and quietly stalked them. This panther guardian was the same colour as the wall, but with faintly glowing golden eyes. It stalked the adventurers all the way back to their dragon, and they never noticed it. But the panther never did anything, just watched.

The adventurers did find out more about the leaves, and their location in the gorilla king’s fortress. The dragon eventually recharged, so the adventurers mounted up and flew off. The keep that they landed on was the first of a continuing string of keeps, all connected by walkways and bridges, leading to the fortress. But as the dragon flew on, all the guardians got wind of its presence and started attacking somehow. My memory here is vague — I’m not sure what and how the dragon was attacked, but it was somehow beleaguered. A large guardian actually leapt upon it and tried to drag it down into the water. The dragon was so beleaguered that it had to land on the walkways… and this was when the panther guardian appeared again. But this time it seemed to be helping. It caught up the dragon (and the adventurers too, presumably), leapt up into a fresco — and teleported. It turned out that this panther guardian can teleport throughout the keeps by moving through the frescoes.

They teleported to the rooftops of the gorilla king’s fortress. By this time, the fortress was on alert for intruders. The panther, dragon and adventurers climbed over the walls and rooftops towards the gorilla king’s chambers, where the magical plant was kept. There they almost ran into the king himself, who was on alert. The adventurers hid themselves, while the panther distracted the king. This scene is also vague: somehow the king was given a drugged drink, which caused him to fall asleep. By the time he awoke, the adventurers had already made off with the leaves they needed.

And it ends. I don’t often dream adventures, so this was fun, and not as anxious as my dreams can get. If only I could remember more about it… it was a great story, at least in the dream-world.

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