Codex, ii.

Functions in the imaginary plane transform into entities on the real plane. Entities are defined by their imaginary functions.

Time is a line from infinity to infinity. The progression of all entities — all that exists — along time is defined as the global continuum. The global continuum can be broken down discreetly into local continuums. (How discreet is dependent on the user.) All entities are subject to time, because their existences are necessarily contained within the planes.

Sentience (self-awareness, consciousness, the soul) is the wildcard of existence, for it alone is not defined by the planes, nor is it restricted by time. Therefore, a user must be a sentient. Therefore, sentience has significant implications for energy and information transfer. While users have immense potential for influencing the global continuum, users also cannot completely account for sentience in activities.

Next: global continuum progression, energy & information gradients, probability, users, time travel & other uses, paradoxes (effect of energy/info transfer on sentience), the People, nodes and portals, psionics. What was my terminology for “activities” by users?

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