Codex, iii.

An entity progresses within the global continuum along the line of time, according to the laws of the universe, driven by the primum mobile, primordial energy. On the other hand, any activity by a user within the imaginary plane is called an operation. Before a user can perform an operation within a local continuum, he must first predict the natural progression of the continuum. [[[needs work here]]]

Predicting progression: It is theoretically possible for a user to predict the progression of any entity from infinity to infinity with 100% complete confidence and accuracy — provided one had infinite capacitance for primordial energy (that is, infinite computational power). But, even if this were so, the wildcard sentience ensures that accuracy will never be 100%. Any observation, any operation, is a function of probabilities mapped upon baseline global progression.

This probability of 100% accuracy is dependent on a myriad of complex factors. They all centre around the user: proximity to the entity, cognizance of the imaginary plane and the energy and information gradients, size of the entity’s local continuum, extent of operation, and the user’s capacitance for energy transfer and, most critically, information transfer.

Every user engages in probabilistics when performing operations, and every operation influences the global energy and information gradients. This has profound consequences upon sentience.

Ability to predict progression manifests in precognition and prophecy – and similar descriptors – in users. Certain individuals amongst the People have exceptional precognitive abilities, are able to predict events in the global continuum with astonishing accuracy. This comes at a costly sacrifice: most of their sensorium is transformed into the imaginary plane, and they have little awareness of the real plane.

This section iii needs some clarification. It all makes sense in my head, but somehow the words aren’t coming out right.
Next: Capacitance and primordial energy, energy and information transfer operations and probabilities of success (vs. energy gradients), psionics. Probabilistics upon sentience – what is the terminology? check Kirkham novella again.

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