Codex, interrupted.

I wonder how I wrote the Codex in the past. Definitely meandered much and used too many words. I have less desire for unnecessary verbosity these days — but hang it, spending half an hour trying to write a three-sentence paragraph is ludicrous and frustrating. Even if I once knew how to do it, I don’t anymore.

Stuck on describing how probability theory feeds into the energy and information matrices at time X, and where the first law of thermodynamics factor in transformations. I can visualize how it works, and it makes complete sense. But how can you describe a moving image in one-dimensional, linear word? Can’t you just see what I mean? it’s self-evident!

Will keep trying.


I’ve drawn the Homeworld universe from numerous sources of inspiration, but the bones of the Codex are built from a single source: The Morphology of the Kirkham Wreck, a novella by this virtually unknown author named Hilbert Schenck.

I first read it as a teen in the short story anthology Imaginary Numbers (I don’t know if it’s found anywhere else). I don’t use the statement “changed my life” lightly, but that novella single-handedly transformed the entire landscape of my imagination. My world-building was never the same since, and the Codex is my poor attempt to build a theory of the universe upon the concepts that Schenck introduced so masterfully in his story.

I haven’t read the story for some years, but last night I finally sat down and digitized my scans from the anthology, and will hopefully have it on my e-book reader soon. Re-reading it now, I’m seeing major concepts that I’d not noticed before, and new areas to consider. I also think my grasp of the math is much greater than it used to be, and some concepts are now clear when hitherto they were quite beyond me (but beautiful nonetheless). I guess now’s a good time to rethink things, see if those new concepts can be worked into the Codex. –And get me out of this current writing block.

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