Last night’s underwater dreaming.

I woke up in the middle of last night (a rare occurrence), and remembered a short dream.

I was playing a video game, or a spectator watching a game being played. The game was a spitting image of Ecco the Dolphin (which I’ve played): a side scroller with a dolphin character. But not identical: the graphics were different, and the gameplay involved more elaborate puzzle-solving. There was a goal to the level I was watching, but it escapes me.
This dream had some significance to me while I was dreaming it, but like most dreams, I forget the point upon waking. Perhaps it’ll come back.

I went back to sleep and spent the rest of the night dreaming more fragments, some decidedly weird, all of little consequence. There was one mini-dream about a small insect infestation in the corner of my bedroom, but every insect was different, and I could only kill the unimportant ones and had to spare the rare ones. Ugh — I was more disgusted with the tedium of it all, than of the squicky insects.

It troubles me that I remember the insects better than the dolphin game. But only a little. They are just dreams.

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