Worlds within worlds.

The world is a fascinating place.

I’m discovering more and more that each entity in the universe is a whole world unto itself.

Today, I looked up the definition and origin of the word “carboy”, which we use in my workplace… and got lost in the world of bottles. There is a whole history behind the making, design and function of bottles… associated with bottles is industrial design, apothecaries, glass blowing… in the category of bottles there are carboys, jerry cans, demijohns, flasks, vials, phials, much more that I haven’t come across yet. People write books on bottles and search for rare ones. I’ve come across websites with collections of rare and found bottles on the Net.

The other day, on a whim I started reading about grass. The grasses are the most economically significant family of plants for civilization — all our cereals and grains are grasses. Grasses can thrive as lawns, or as tussocks/bunches. And that was just a little bit about what I learnt about grass.

On another day, I was reading about ants… did you know that legionary ants have no permanent nests, but form bivouacs and go on raids? Did you know that some ant species actually keep aphid “herds” in a mutualist relationship, and defend their herds from predatory ladybirds? And some members of honeypot ant species are living food storage for their colony?

And on yet another day, apropos the Homeworld Codex, I was reading about probability theory and vectors… mathematics is such a rarefied world. It’s cold and sterile and very lonely place. Numbers everywhere… no room for a living human body. But it’s unearthily beautiful nonetheless (or perhaps because of that). And it’s so easy to get lost in it.

If you delve deep enough into any entity, it becomes a whole world you can get lost in.

Didn’t C.S. Lewis say something like this in The Last Battle? God has made such a wonderful world, and humans have just made their own worlds within worlds.

That’s why we were made to live forever. Mortal lifetime is simply not long enough to explore all of these.

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