Odd Apple in the electronics basket.

I was given an iPad Mini yesterday.

(It was a gift from the church ministry I’m part of. What an honour, and what a lovely surprise and blessing. A few months ago, I had been contemplating getting a tablet, but decided not to get one, for several reasons. Now I have a tablet! This is a good lesson: if God the Father is so good and loving to me that He will bless me with something that was just a frivolous desire, how much more will He provide for the greater needs in my life!)

My first Apple product owned. I won’t buy Apple products for practical and ideological reasons (yes, I’m one of those people — though I will recommend Macs to others), so amidst my ecosystem of Windows XP desktop, Android smartphone, B&N Nook e-reader, and Sandisk MP3 player, which have taken on the look of a charmingly haphazard, jumbled family that nevertheless can communicate with each other in UMS… iPad doesn’t fit in. (Well, maybe it will eventually. After all, the rest are all misfits too.)

What’s more, I’m at a bit of a loss to what to do with yet another mobile electronic device, especially an all-purpose one like iPad. That’s why I initially decided not to purchase a tablet for myself, because most of what I want to do on the go can be accomplished with my other devices. They’re all single-purpose devices — MP3 player for music, Nook for e-books, smartphone for everything else — but I like it that way. It keeps distractions away (as much as one with a smartphone can remain undistracted), and the computer is a superior multi-purpose device around, anyway.

So what can I do with my iPad? It would make a nice mobile recipe book. Perhaps I can start reading all my e-books here instead, and let go of the Nook. I can certainly play tablet-exclusive games that I’ve been eyeing — not that my computer isn’t a sufficient gaming device already! The smartphone already works very well on the go, so this will probably remain a stay-at-home device.

Heh, first-world problems. I’ll figure it out. I’m certain there will be a good use for it eventually — every good gift from God is meant to be used for his Kingdom too.

Update the next day: What about journalling? If I had a stylus… This sounds like a great idea.

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