Killing the dragon during NaNoWriMo.

So. The seed has sprouted. I am planning to join NaNoWriMo and write a story about the girl who killed a robot dragon monster with an iPad. (Well, not really an iPad, but, you know…)

Had this brainwave two days ago, and started a Word document to put all my storying ideas down. It has since grown to a monstrous, solid 8 pages of world-building, plot development, character development, and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, a mind map for character relationships is sprouting up too. I think this is going to happen.

Oh boy. November is 6 months away… if I keep up this frenetic pace, everything will definitely be in place to knock out 50,000 words!

4 thoughts on “Killing the dragon during NaNoWriMo.”

  1. Good luck on the writing project! Outlines help and it sounds like you are well on your way to 50,000 words.

    Happy Blogging and Writing


    1. Hello Angela! Would be awesome if we could do it together ^_^ Any old ideas/themes you’ve written about (or attempted to) before that you may be able to revisit?

      It’s exciting to be on this New Project Adrenaline Rush, but I really hope I don’t burn out doing all the back end world-building and char development, before November rolls around!

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