World building on ruins.

About 5 years after I destroyed my manuscript of the Homeworld Codex for complex reasons that I won’t talk about, I am world building again.

–Not that I stopped imagining in the meantime. Homeworld has always remained in my head, but because I ceased externalizing my ideas, its growth stagnated. One day I might attempt to rebuild this codex. But I don’t think I will. Too much has been lost in time, and I’m a different creator now. I can’t go back anymore to that time and space and person I used to be.

Nevertheless, not all is lost. The world that “Killing the Dragon” and Strange Music are set in is growing at a rapid pace and looks to be the descendant of the old world. Codex Savi is definitely not identical: it’s smaller in breadth and scope but greater in granular detail, but I can see similar thought processes undergirding its formation. In fact, I think it is the application and logical outcome of the broad, theoretical concepts I’d written about in Homeworld Codex.

Building Codex Savi has been very enjoyable, especially since I’m doing it concurrently while plotting out “Killing the Dragon” and developing its characters. (Weaving details and links in the characters and their relationships has been a whole exercise in itself… if this trend continues, the story is going to be much more complex than initially anticipated. And that is fantastic.) Haven’t had such fun for a long time. The NaNoWriMo discussion forums have been quite stimulating in this regard, and writing Strange Music has also prompted much thinking.

Wonderful. I don’t want to stop. And most of all, this world-building and storying could stimulate my art back into life. I know the answer is just as simple as writing for NaNoWriMo: just sit down and start drawing. Ahh, that is hard, but no excuses. If I can world-build and write again after 5 years, and to the same degree if not greater, surely I can pick up my art again!

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