A new year’s resolution.

For a variety of reasons I won’t get into… My mind is fragmenting, my attention is in pieces, and moments slip through the cracks and away into oblivion.

Because I wasn’t paying attention, various aspects of my life became needlessly complex.  So it’s time for me to take control again, and swim against the current of complicating technology and atomizing reality.  Discipline my attention span into sustained, languid channels.  Simplify, simplify.  Remember, remember.

Thus, a new year’s resolution for 2015 is to write more in this blog.  This discipline, which was also a joy and sanity check, got pulverized about five years ago.  Now that the dust of life has well and truly settled, it’s time to rebuild it.  Even if it means rebuilding it brick by brick, rebuild from the start again.

I especially to get back to reviewing books etc, and writing about the world, even if my world is (no, seems) a lot smaller than it used to be.  The what and the why.  Because I have to remember.  Oblivion is a lousy place to be in.  So, begin blogging again.  Even now, begin.

There, I wrote it.  I can’t say anymore that I forgot it.

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