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(I ended my M.B hosting subscription before I thought of making a final post on, so this will have to do.)

I’ve moved fully to my own domain. Now blogging at, which includes the posts that were originally on That M.B blog has been mothballed, but I’m still on the M.B social-media front.

Many thanks to for hosting for a short while. A few months, but they were important ones. If I hadn’t found M.B, I probably would’ve remained adrift in social media, ignorant of the Indieweb and the decentralized Internet, for a long while yet. If M.B hadn’t hosted me first, I wouldn’t have regained the desire and drive to have my own domain/website again. In a way, M.B was a midwife to reviving my webmastering hobby, and continues to prompt conversation and personal reflection on what social media means to me, and what goods and ills it brings into my life.

Thank you, @manton and Keep up the good work; you don’t know what kind of impact you’re making on people.

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  1. @pratik
    * Looked up reviews and prices of local webhosting providers that provided both domain registration and webhosting together, and were known for reliability and customer service. A local IT/tech forum had reviews of local providers; that was very helpful.
    * Registering the domain and buying webhosting is quite straightforward!
    * Know what to ignore in cPanel (lots of stuff there, most of them not relevant). At this stage, the only things relevant to me are the in-browser file upload manager, how to make subdomains, and how to make FTP accounts.
    * My webhost came with some “one-click install” CMS/webmastering packages in cPanel. I used that to install WordPress on It was very handy — otherwise I would’ve downloaded the files from and then uploaded to my subdomain via FTP, a more tedious process.
    * Export my blog files to Check that everything exported properly, M.B is capturing my RSS feed, and everything works to satisfaction. Now I could cancel my M.B subscription.

    So, getting a hosted domain and setting up a WordPress blog was relatively straightforward and required only minimal interaction with cPanel at the beginning.
    Hope this helps!

  2. @vega I think the trick is making sure that there is a blank line between any prior text and the start of the bullet list, even though I think the syntax highlighting starts if there is not a blank line.

    * bar
    * baz



  3. @vega Also, that was a really great post.

    I’m particularly interested in the export–import process; I don’t believe I have seen any documentation on exporting posts from and then importing them into WordPress (would be a great thing to have in the wiki if it’s not already in the help).

  4. @vega Thanks 🙂 I’ve had self-hosted WP blogs for a while. I wanted to know more about how you posted on WP (title-less, format, category, etc.) and what themes you used on WP to display them as “micro blogs”.

    And to have them display on M.B, I’m guessing you just enter the blog’s feed here.

    I’m currently using a sub-domain alias to redirect my M.B. there but the content is still hosted on M.B. It’s just $5 a month and hassle-free. Wondering if I should self-host but I know it comes with its share of ‘hassles’ and having done it in the past, I’m wondering if I should. Again. 🙂

  5. @pratik

    Feed display on M.B – I followed <a href=””>these instructions</a> (bottom of the page) to ensure M.B is notified of updates. Just make sure that in WP > Settings > Reading that you allow search engines to index you, otherwise M.B won’t update (which I found out the hard way!).

    Themes and title-less posts – My current theme is a stopgap; I’ve yet to explore more elaborate formatting and separation of microblogs and longer posts. (Something to do on a rainy day!) Also, the M.B feed doesn’t seem to be propagating emoji correctly in title-less microblogs (eg. my Now Listening posts don’t show the music emoji on M.B but do on WP): not sure if this is a WP or M.B issue, it’s something to troubleshoot.

    Export/Import – There’s an export function under M.B’s “Posts” category. I just exported from there and imported the resulting XML file into WP; everything showed up including the pictures. It looks no different to exporting an XML file from WP itself, except that there are no tags/categories of course.

    // @smokey

  6. @vega I, too, have moved to my own hosting for the microblog, but really appreciated the ease of the m.b hosted service in getting started. Kudos to @manton for making an incredible service. (I’m staying subscribed for now to financially support until there’s another way to pay Manton for his work.)

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