IndieWeb thoughts (2): A postscript, a prayer.

Now that I’ve had some IndieWeb thoughts, what do I do about them?

It’s just revealed to me the state of my own heart and being. I’ve been too inward-looking for too long, and the Internet (indeed, the IndieWeb) exacerbates my conceit.

The longer I’ve been a Christian, the more I pray “help” prayers. I remember scorning those kinds of prayers as a youth. Am I so needy? Do I need to lean on an external support? Why do I speak with such abasement to the Lord Jesus Christ? But the years have taught me humility and the magnitude of my own weaknesses.

O Lord, help me. Help me to get off the Internet, overcome its inward-turning, self-focused, centripetal pull. Give me Christ’s heart for people, his outward focused love that looked not to itself, indeed scorned itself, but always to the other. Help me to see beyond myself and my own, and to be humble and teachable.

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