Thick darkness covered the earth

Last night, I sat at my computer tinkering in a spreadsheet, music tinkling in my headphones, with the lights turned on in the room and in the corridor, the comfortable sound of whirring machinery all around — when a brilliant light flashed outside the window, followed by loud a ‘whoomf’ sound, and between one breath and the next all the machines went dead silent and all the lights went out, plunging me into darkness–

thick darkness

for five seconds
(two breaths, enough for me to exclaim, “What the heck?”)

–then a ‘bump’ sound came from outdoors, the lights came back on, the machines spun up again. The world righted itself and all was back to normal.

It was between those two breaths that I thought, This is it. The apocalypse has arrived, and I am utterly helpless without my life-support machines and intravenous drip of electricity. What do I do now?

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