Weird dream.

Last night I dreamt about Serbian guerilla fighters in a muddy field beneath a looming cliffside containing a network of caves. The sky was cloudy and overcast, and it was all damp and probably drizzling. I was in the field, dug into the grass and mud, and then I was inside the cliffs with the soldiers, who were all dressed in blue uniforms, tramping through the tunnels, talking about Skopje and strategizing about some important mission there.

M. and I. were in the caves with me. They’ve been on my mind recently, and M. comes from a European country but is decidedly not Serbian. Apart from that tenuous link, I have absolutely no connections to the Balkans.

Sometimes, a weird dream is just a weird dream.


I dreamt about AR last night. We were in a room in a building (apartment block? hotel?) chilling out and talking before he had to leave. We were probably talking about life and everything and nothing — nothing memorable, the way idle conversations between friends are like.

I’ve lost track of AR for many years. I haven’t thought about him for just as long. Not enough to prompt a dream, when I seldom dream these days.

I guess it’s time to pray again.

Killing the dragon.

Apropos of playing too much Dragon Age: Origins (I’m at the endgame too) and listening to heroic Final Fantasy soundtracks:

Last night I dreamt of a dragon-killing girl. She was living in a futuristic arcology: high-rises everywhere, what appears to be endless future city in all directions. A cyborg/android dragon was terrorizing the arcology, who knows where it came from. Her weapon was a tablet with a screen, the only way to kill or disable this cyborg dragon.

I was watching this all like a movie. The girl had pale skin and shoulder-length dark brown hair, and wore a grey trenchcoat. She had a tall, grim looking man with her — her retainer, or some leader. They went up to the pinnacle of one of the tallest towers in the arcology. The dragon emerged from a kind of cocoon and began flying around, roaring and destroying buildings. It was gun-metal and silvery-metallic, with glowing red eyes, and perhaps a red laser in its mouth. (Imagine Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series, if you will.)

The dragon attacked the pinnacle, and the girl and the man had to spend much time sheltering from the damage. When she could stand up, the girl aimed her screen at the dragon, like she was taking a photo or movie. The moment the red glowing part of the dragon (eyes, or the throat laser) focused on her screen, something happened… perhaps the laser got reflected? Whatever it was, it damaged the dragon, which enraged it. Three times she did this.

And then the dream ends. The rest, before and after, is unknown. Interesting seed of a story, perhaps I should work over it more…

Last night’s underwater dreaming.

I woke up in the middle of last night (a rare occurrence), and remembered a short dream.

I was playing a video game, or a spectator watching a game being played. The game was a spitting image of Ecco the Dolphin (which I’ve played): a side scroller with a dolphin character. But not identical: the graphics were different, and the gameplay involved more elaborate puzzle-solving. There was a goal to the level I was watching, but it escapes me.
This dream had some significance to me while I was dreaming it, but like most dreams, I forget the point upon waking. Perhaps it’ll come back.

I went back to sleep and spent the rest of the night dreaming more fragments, some decidedly weird, all of little consequence. There was one mini-dream about a small insect infestation in the corner of my bedroom, but every insect was different, and I could only kill the unimportant ones and had to spare the rare ones. Ugh — I was more disgusted with the tedium of it all, than of the squicky insects.

It troubles me that I remember the insects better than the dolphin game. But only a little. They are just dreams.

Last night’s adventure.

I dreamt an adventure last night. I forgot most of it upon waking; let me try to remember.

As most of my dreams, I was not in it, but was “watching” it like a movie. Several adventurers were on a quest to find leaves of a certain plant/tree that bestowed healing or magical properties. They needed it to save something — a kingdom, or a queen, I don’t remember. It was a “it’s our only hope! you’re our only hope!” scenario. The leaves were found only in the possession of the gorilla king (or some sort of great ape), who lived across a span of water.

The adventurers set out from the green, verdant kingdom. Continue reading “Last night’s adventure.”