Fistfuls of interesting words.

Curious objects. Jupiter Trojans. Sungrazer comets. Centaur minor planets. Shatter cones. Shocked quartz. Mother of thousands / devil’s backbone. Hen and chicks.

Senegalese male names. Khadim. Adama. Kalidou. Youssouf. Lamine. Moussa. Idrissa. Salif. Cheikh. Cheikhou. Alioune. Sadio. Moussa. Diafra. Ismaila. Mbaye. Keita. Cisse.

Praise. Panegyric. Qasida. Praise-Poem.
(African praise-poetry is amazing. Kudos to the African music show at my local independent music radio station for introducing it to me in a moving, visceral way. The DJ interviewed a musician, and the latter improvised a praise-poem extolling the radio show. He was speaking in his native language, but my hair stood on end at the fierce passion in his voice.)

Sanskrit. Brahmin. avatar. tarati (“he crosses”). pundit/pandit. karma. swami. Lashkar. dharma. mantra. ahimsa. sutra. nirvana. “re” (“oh” – interjection in Hindi).

Miscellaneous. deasil/dessel (clockwise). tantivy. satori (Japanese, sudden enlightenment or intuitive understanding). hegira (Arabic). fain.

Word List: Traveller Returning. (incomplete)

Alexandria. Atlantis. Alhaerie.
El Dorado. Ecbatana.
Gehenna. Golconda. Garternay.
Heliopolis. Hy Bresail. Hyperborea. Hiigara.
Illyria. Ithaca. Irian Jaya.
Khartoum. Karakorum. Khatovar.
Manzikert. Marrakech. Massassauga.
Narayan. Neverwinter.
Samarkand. Sarnath. Saqqara.
Urumqi. Undrentide.
Zerzura. Zion. Ziguinchor.

Word List: Greeklings.

archon. exarch. sphinx. amphiptere. polis. hyaline. makhaira. spatha. chiliarch. basileus. basilissa. basilica. basilisk. agora. amphitheatre. cataphract. tyrant. cyber-. eidolon. amphora. pterosaur. hoi polloi. adytum. daemon (agatho- and caco-). asphodel. autocrat(or). baetyl. -lith. athenaeum. bibliotheca. boustrophedon. ophidian. omphalos. ekklesia. nymph. odeon. odyssey. phage. naphtha. narthex. chthonic. pelagic. benthic. abyss. nous/noo-. nautilus. nepenthes. morph. medusa. gorgon. hierophant. ichor. cosmos. apotropaic. gnosis. gnomon. arctos (bear). ekistics. metanoia. rhyton.

💡 Things I looked up today. Trawling through Wiktionary’s exhaustive list to make a list of English words of Greek origin — particular words for a specific purpose. It’ll take a while. But it’s very interesting how many words originated in Greek and entered English via Latin, especially prefixes and suffixes. Patterns are emerging now. And learning new words is great fun. There’s a subtle difference between athenaeum and bibliotheca. Blepharon is an anatomical word for the eyelid. (Just goes to show that in anatomy there’s a word for everything.) This is adorable.