It’s the start of a year, and I guess I’m here.

I first wrote this thought on 27 July 2015. It’s still applicable, half a year later.

There’s a strange fallacy that surrounds keeping a blog, or an online presence, or anything in life really. The fallacy that things can be packaged neatly and presented thematically. “I’m keeping a book review blog of all the books I read.” “This is my personal blog, maintained weekly.” But life can never be packaged neatly and put into a list, completed and ticked off — at least not for long. Even the most rigorous curation and presentation can’t stand up to the vagaries and challenges of real life. And I’m not even close to being the most rigorous cataloguer of a life.

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Merry Christmas

On Christmas Day, I was woken up at around 5am by two ravens singing outside. They set up a call-and-response in the trees around the house, and went on and on. Ahh, uagh, uggh, ayaaahh… They did this for about half an hour, then flew away.

First creatures of the day to wish Jesus happy birthday.

I also heard the ravens this morning in a similar song and reprise. I thought: the birds are praising God. They sing because it’s in their nature, and it makes them happy. Even the most unco of birds still sing, no matter how drab their voices are. And God loves these ravens and their croaky, unmusical song.

So I will also praise God, small and feeble though it may be, because God loves me.

A new year’s resolution.

For a variety of reasons I won’t get into… My mind is fragmenting, my attention is in pieces, and moments slip through the cracks and away into oblivion.

Because I wasn’t paying attention, various aspects of my life became needlessly complex.  So it’s time for me to take control again, and swim against the current of complicating technology and atomizing reality.  Discipline my attention span into sustained, languid channels.  Simplify, simplify.  Remember, remember.

Thus, a new year’s resolution for 2015 is to write more in this blog.  This discipline, which was also a joy and sanity check, got pulverized about five years ago.  Now that the dust of life has well and truly settled, it’s time to rebuild it.  Even if it means rebuilding it brick by brick, rebuild from the start again.

I especially to get back to reviewing books etc, and writing about the world, even if my world is (no, seems) a lot smaller than it used to be.  The what and the why.  Because I have to remember.  Oblivion is a lousy place to be in.  So, begin blogging again.  Even now, begin.

There, I wrote it.  I can’t say anymore that I forgot it.

What I want for Christmas

I want to know greater and greater joy, that comes from being more and more in Jesus’ presence. Heaven rejoiced when Jesus was born, when the world went in darkness and ignorance. I want to have the same joy that the angels had on Christmas.

I want to be less selfish, especially if I’m deep in my own thoughts, where I’m prone to forgetting about the world. I want to be mindful of the needs around me, and not just know but also do — especially unto the people closest to me. To be full of grace and love towards all around me, the close and the far.

Peace on Earth, goodwill to Man.

A new blog for a new season.

Behold: Vega has returned to the blogging beat. It feels good to be back. Welcome to Flying With Sails: the Next Journey.

It’s time for a new blog. My Livejournal served for a period in my life, but I’ve now outgrown that season. I may eventually take it down, but for now it remains.

Let’s see how this goes, how long this lasts… and I’m hopeful. See you around.