🎵 Now listening. Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, vol. 2 by Chris Huelsbeck, and the rest of the Turrican Anthology soundtracks.

How have I not encountered this music/game/composer before? These soundtracks are magnificent. The first track of Turrican II (“The Final Fight”) alone is worth the price of the whole album. Instant buy!

A song of death and salvation.

This is my favourite song out of Josh Garrels‘ latest album, Home.  From the first I heard those melancholy lyrics, I thought it was a song of the Prodigal Son, on the way back to God, longing and hoping for salvation and renewal.  The lyrics don’t entirely match, but that was the strong, first impression.

But now, when I watched this new music video and actually read the words, it struck me that it’s also a song about death and remembrance.  A son returning home to visit the grave of a long passed father, saying a final goodbye again.

The beauty of Garrels’ music is that there are different ways of interpreting his lyrics, and each reveals a different facet of God and faith in God.  It’s one, and it’s also the other.